The Saltsburg Herbal Society (SHS) will
have an organizational meeting at 10 a.m.
on Saturday, March 3, at the Saltsburg
Borough Building, 320 Point Street.  
Saltsburg has several wonderful gardens
available to the public and the garden at
the Museum is a favorite for photo
settings for the prom, weddings, and
family gatherings.   SHS members really
need some local help in maintaining the
gardens to keep them attractive and a
focal point for the town.  During the
growing season, a commitment of just one
or two hours every week or so would go a
long way in keeping our town neat and
pretty.  But being a member of SHS isn't
all work; the group plans outings to local
points of interest and gives educational
and informative presentations regarding
gardening and gardens.  Light
refreshments will be provided at the
March 3 meeting.  For more information,
email or call 724-668-8808